SWTOR Mirror Skill Translator – Update 1.1

First update to my SWTOR Mirror Skill Translator. The most notable change is the internal addition of term matching priority, which allows more terms to be matched correctly, but the lexicon tweaks should also be a helpful addition for "translating" guides.



  • Acronyms (Case Sensitive)

    • added VG => Vanguard
    • added IA => Imperial Agent
    • added IA => Ionic Accelerator (both Vanguard and Commando)
    • added PPA => Prototype Particle Accelerator (both Powertech and Mercenary)
    • added BB => Backblast
    • added GS => Gunslinger
    • added DS => Diagnostic Scan
    • added SRM => Slow-release Medpac
    • added DA => Disappearing Act
    • added CS => Cloaking Screen
    • added FQ => Forcequake
    • added FS => Force Storm
    • added TkT => Telekinetic Throw (case insensitive)
    • added TkW => Telekinetic Wave (case insensitive)
    • added TK => Telekinetics
    • removed TK => Telekinetic Throw
    • removed CD => Corrosive Dart (oops!)
  • Shorthands and Alternate Phrasing (Case Insensitive)

    • added Charge => Storm
    • added Force Quake => Forcequake
    • added Plastique => Assault Plastique
    • added Kick => Dirty Kick
    • added Kick => Spinning Kick
    • added Freighter Flyby => XS Freighter Flyby
    • added Shroud => Force Shroud
    • added Engineer => Engineering
    • added Marksman => Marksmanship

    Matching Rules

    • hyphens in match names are now optional in one direction (e.g. "Slow-release Medpac" => "Slow release Medpac" works, but "Mind Crush" => "Mind-Crush" does not). The unidirectional matching is to prevent bare URLs (outside of hyperlinks) containing hyphenated ability names (like torhead) from being replaced because I haven't written a special case to prevent that behavior yet
    • added word-end boundary matching for capitalized acronyms
      • fixes SC being linked instead of SCRAPPER
    • added word-end boundary matching for case-insensitive terms
      • fixes Awe being linked in awesome
    • added match prioritization: names that contain other names are matched first
      • fixes Escape being matched instead of Dirty Escape
      • fixes Sneak being matched instead of Sneaky
      • fixes Mind Control being matched instead of Mass Mind Control
      • fixes Snipe being matched instead of Sniper, Sniper's Nest, Pillbox Sniper, or Sniper Volley
      • fixes Guard being matched instead of Guardian Leap, Guardian, Guarded by the Force


    • fixed capitalization: PIllbox Sniper to Pillbox Sniper