Gamefly Weekend Sale: Dragon Age Titles (2/8-2/10)

Ah, the first really sweet discount on BioWare titles after the end-of-2012 bonanza! Gamefly is offering Dragon Age titles at up to 80% off, with a stackable 20% discount code GFDFEB20 on top of that base discount.

  • Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition - $7.49 ($6 after code)
  • Dragon Age 2 - $4.99 ($4 after code)
  • Dragon Age Bundle [Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition + Dragon Age 2] - $9.99 ($8 after code)

The best bang for your buck is the Dragon Age Bundle, which drops the cost of each game to mere $4.

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition includes all premium downloadable content for DA:O. Dragon Age 2 includes the Black Emporium DLC.

Note that Origin just premiered their "dual-play" feature, which adds Mac or PC versions of some titles (including Dragon Age 2) when you register a game for the opposite operating system. So, adding Dragon Age 2 for the PC will grant you access to Dragon Age 2 for the Mac.