Contest ending tonight – Win a grab bag of Mass Effect Goodies

Treehouse Brand - the folks behind the Bioware Online Store, are hosting a contest for those creative enough to make a Mass Effect-themed cover of movie scenes and place it on their facebook wall. Details after the break.

According to the contest post:

You have the weekend to make something magical - use your plethora of skills to create an image or video of your favorite movie scene, using characters and places from the Mass Effect universe.

There will be winners for each category (you can't win both) who will, in turn, receive a blind box - a collection of goodies (in your size, even!) that could include apparel, books, figures, statues --and maybe even some things no longer available anywhere (except Ebay...)

Their facebook wall currently has many image entries - so a video entry has a better shot, if you have the time.

The contest ends at Midnight tonight MST - or 2am EST for reference.