N7 Armor in Dead Space 3

As iconic as Isaac Clarke's mining helmet is, it always could a little color to make it really stand out... perhaps a bit of red stripe down the side?. To give Isaac, and his new co-protagonist Carver, some of that space pizzazz, Visceral Games have announced yet another cross-title promotion in the EA-verse. Mass Effect 3 players will be able to unlock N7-themed armors for the next chapter in EA's space horror franchise, Dead Space 3

Unlocking this armor appears to be a simple process - according to Visceral's blog post announcing this promotion:

  • Play Mass Effect 3 and make sure you have a save file.
  • Purchase and play the full game of Dead Space 3.
  • Equip N7 armor and look awesome!

There is, however, no details on what, if any, bonuses these armor sets would give you in-game, aside from looking pretty cool.

Bioware is certainly no stranger to these types of promotions. Aside from last year's appearance of Clarke's mining suit in Dragon Age 2, we've also seen cross-franchise promotions between ME3 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and, of course, Bioware's own Blood Dragon Armor which has appeared in four of their own games to date.

While Razorfish noted to me that a recent EA newsletter implied this is exclusively a Dead Space 3 pre-order bonus, the Visceral's post does not stipulate that the purchase must be a preorder, nor does it state an expiration date on the offer.