Mass Effect: Reborn Soundtrack Pre-Release

Are you in the mood for some more Mass Effect themed music? Well, Phoenix Entertainment - the minds behind Mass Effect: Reborn, the upcoming Mass Effect fan-made modification for Homeworld 2 (a strategy game) - recently released the first six tracks of the custom soundtrack by Killer Tracks + Mattia that will be featured in their mod.

According to their announcement, the full soundtrack will contain more tracks, and will carry a price tag, but these first six tracks are free for your enjoyment:

  1. Main (Menu) Theme
  2. The War For Earth
  3. The Invasion
  4. He Will Save Us
  5. Commander Shepard
  6. Strategies

You can download these mp3s over at ModDB.

As for the Mass Effect: Reborn mod itself? You can expect it to be released on March 9, 2013, according to their new trailer.