Mass Effect: Paragon Lost “Warning Signs” Contest

To celebrate the release of the anime film Mass Effect: Paragon Lost and its motion picture soundtrack that includes the song "Warning Signs," FUNimation and Fender are sponsoring a contest for Mass Effect fans who submit a photo of themselves with a warning sign. The slick prize package includes a custom skinned Fender Squier VINTAGE MODIFIED JAGUAR® Guitar, a copy of the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost DVD, a set of the Mass Effect game trilogy (on the game system of your choice), and a copy of THE ANIX - Sleepwalker Album. It's unclear what the judging criteria are (or if it's just random winner selection), but you have until January 31st to enter.

Here's the song "Warning Signs" by ANIX from the Paragon Lost soundtrack:

Check out the blog post for examples of what they want from submission photos.