Darth Hater Closing Scare

The future of Curse-Gaming-owned SWTOR fansite Darth Hater seemed dire for the first half of this month after their usually frequent updates halted altogether for two weeks after the New Year. Inquiries to a couple of prominent individuals on the Darth Hater staff were met with vague replies that they were no longer working on Darth Hater and had moved onto other things. As the site stagnated further, speculation that Curse Gaming had fired the entire Darth Hater staff grew like mold.

But far be it from me to be the bearer of bad news: Darth Hater is not closing after all. Curse employee and DH staff writer Vox recently wiped off the mildew with new content and has posted an apology along with a fairly tame explanation for the shenanigans that took place at the end of last year. You can quell any fears that Darth Hater's SWTOR database or talent calculator would be gone with the wind...at least, for now. However, the fact that a good bulk of their talented writing staff has to be replaced brings into question what features of the site, especially their podcast, news coverage and feature columns, have survived the transition.