Mass Effect 3 Power Calculator

Here's the initial version of my Mass Effect 3 Power Calculator! It has most of the basic features you can expect in a ME3 build planner, allowing you to create builds, save/bookmark links to them and/or share them with your friends. Currently, the data is based off tooltips in the release build of the singleplayer game. I plan to add more data for squadmates, multiplayer, and bonus powers in future updates.


  • Left click a dark blue rectangle to invest level-up progress point(s) in a power rank. It will turn a lighter blue to signify that you've invested in that power rank. If you change your mind, you can simply right click the light blue rectangle to deselect that rank and refund your progress point(s).
  • As a shortcut, when you left click any dark blue rectangle, the calculator will assume you want to upgrade all the way up to that power's rank. So if you clicked on rank 4, it will "fill in all the blanks," investing in rank 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you haven't invested in those ranks previously. Same situation in reverse if you want to deselect ranks.
  • Red rectangles denote ranks for which you've invested points into but haven't chosen an upgrade. Ranks 4, 5 and 6 of each power allow you to choose one of two possible upgrades. Left-click on the red rectangle to initiate a popup prompt that allows you to choose an upgrade. Once you've chosen an upgrade, the rectangle will change to a light blue color.

    If you ever change your mind, you can still left-click on that light blue rectangle to initiate the popup prompt again.

    If you are not ready to make a choice, you can cancel the prompt by left clicking anywhere on the page except for the two choices.

  • Clicking the "Save Build" button will change your browser's URL address with the new build url that you can bookmark for future reference or share with others. If you make any changes, click the "Save Build" button again to update the browser URL (it does not happen automatically).

Some Notes:

  • I'm still adding stat tables to the class power tooltips, hopefully this will be done by tomorrow (there are hundreds of screenshots to go through).
  • The tooltip text was taken from screenshots of level 1 characters in singleplayer (except for the Infiltrator, currently, which was taken from a level 30 ME2 save import - I'll fix this with level 1 data in the next data update) of the release version of the game.
  • I don't have information on how many level-up progress points you receive at each character level in Mass Effect 3 yet, but when I do, I will probably add a character level indicator based on how many points you've spent.
  • I don't have tooltip information for the bonus powers that are unlocked through singleplayer yet (have to find time to finish the first playthrough of singleplayer!), so if anyone has access to them, please drop me a line at Until then, I will work with the information from the ME3 demo, provided by Biotic Sage.

Browser Compatibility

This web-based application requires a javascript-enabled browser. It was developed with Google Chrome primarily and successfully tested in Firefox 10.

It does NOT work in Internet Explorer 8 and below, due to the fact that I use a javascript function that is only supported in Internet Explorer 9+. I'll see about doing a workaround for that in the future.


If you have any feedback or bug reports about this build planner, feel free to send me an email.

  • Piotrs85

    And multiplayer calc? :D Where is multiplayer calculator :D

    • Razorfish

      I’m starting to put together the data sets, also pulling some new info that is now available at the ME Wikia :)  
      The multiplayer calc has to be a little different from singleplayer calc because there are 3 base powers that vary based on class-race combo + 1 race-specific passive + 1 class-specific passive….plus the special ME3 Soldier configuration from the Battlefield 3 limited edition >.<