Mass Effect: Infiltrator Announced for iOS Devices

For those of you using Apple's shinies, EA announced yesterday an additional way to build up your Galactic Readiness level with a full-size looking third-person shooter for Apple's mobile platform. Developed by IronMonkey Studios, the app looks pretty impressive, and for Apple fans you get some "good ending" points and exclusive loot for Mass Effect 3. Details after the break.

Like us, when you heard that Mass Effect would appear on mobile platforms again, you probably thought of the top-down shooter/labyrinth table hybrid Mass Effect: Galaxy. And then you probably suffered from involuntary twitching and nosebleeds from the image. However, Infiltrator is being handled out-of-house, by a studio known for making iOS games that stand right up to their Big Box brothers. For those who follow AppStore games, that shouldn't come as a surprise - IronMonkey has developed a reputation for taking EA's big properties and making damn impressive versions for Apple devices, including Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, and The Sims.

Infiltrator has you assuming the role of an as-yet-unnamed soldier infiltrating Cerberus bases to rescue hostages and civilians. Oddly enough, the dude's rocking Cerberus armor - we're not sure what that entails, though Dead Space Mobile had a impressive (in a Dead Space sort) narrative with a separate character, so we can be looking at an interesting characterization for the protagonist here (though I could be jumping to conclusions, maybe he's just trying to, erm, Infiltrate the bases).

Shit goes haywire in a Cerberus base? Who'da thunk it?

We also have a look at the gameplay, thanks to Daniel Perez over at IntoMobile. According to Perez, the shooting centers around tapping a target to focus on them, and using touch controls to fine-tune your aim. A combo system is also featured in the game and tying kills together will likely add to a scoring mechanic for each level. Perez also mentions the presence of melee kills and biotic abilities, as well as a similar cover mechanic to ME3, where swiping the screen will allow your character to move from point to point while hunkered down.

Your performance in each base will help add "Galactic Readiness" points to your performance in Mass Effect 3, meaning that the iOS game will present another option in how you go about pursuing the "best" ending for Shepard's tale. According to ShackNews, Infiltrator will also unlock exclusive weapons for use in ME3 - which may or may not elicit a reaction from you, depending on your views on this sort of thing.

No official word on release date or pricing, though the consensus among the press is that EA's looking for a simultaneous release date with ME3. As an Android user, I'm looking forward to yoinking Razorfish's iPhone to give Infiltrator a spin.