DAL Skill Builder update alpha 5

I've just updated the Dragon Age: Legends Skill Builder (talent calculator) to add the three new specialization trees for each class. In the game, you can unlock each one with one of three new castle room options. I'm not aware of any limitations on specializations, so I assume that you can invest in all three new trees of your class concurrently, should you so choose.

Alpha 5 Changelog:

  • Added Assassin, Bard, Duelist trees to the Rogue
  • Added Arcane, Spirit, Elemental trees to the Mage
  • Added Vanguard, Templar, Berserker trees to the Warrior
  • Moved UI elements around to fit the expanded tree options

Due to the way the talents have been added to the game, and subsequently the skill builder, old build URLs should still work.

Since the DAL mobile site has not yet been updated with the new trees and icons, I am using placeholder icons. When the mobile site is updated, I can add in the proper icons for the new specialization skills.

The passive and active classifications (whether you drag them to the red bar or the blue bar) for various skills may not be wholly correct, as I haven't had a chance to try out every specialization tree first-hand. Please report any discrepancies from the game that you notice to either my BSN account or email address and I'll get them fixed asap.