[Wall Post] Dragon Age: Legends – Release Notes 11/30/11

New craftables and a new companion: Shale, whom you may remember from Dragon Age: Origins, if you played it with The Stone Prisoner DLC.

Shale in Dragon Age: Legends

The release notes (not including new premium store items and premium item sales):

  • Added Shale NPC room.
  • Added 12 powerful new bombs, potions, and kits for crafting in the Apothecary, Alchemy Lab, and Infirmary. (To celebrate, we've temporarily reduced the crafting costs of these new uber consumables. Their crafting prices will increase next week, so start crafting today!)
  • Morrigan now has the Flaming Weapons skill.
  • Crafting prices on the mobile site (m.dragonagelegends.com) are now the same as the prices in-game.

Athenas_Wrath posted these overview details about DA:L's Shale:

Room: 2x2

Shale (warrior): Great defense, decent luck (for a NPC), moderate attack, low agility.


  • Self Buffs:
    • +crit
    • Rock Armor
    • Taunt
    • Inner Reserves (special) damages self to restore mana
  • Attacks:
    • Earthquake
    • Killing Blow (special) costs 3 mana deals increased damage with large crit chance
    • Ground Slam, works like Overrun
    • Hurl Rock, deals strong ranged damage
    • Avalanche, damages column, higher damage, higher miss chance, doesn't end turn