TOR Launch Countdown With Music

BioWare is counting down the days until the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic by releasing one game music mp3 free each day until December 20th. This does not include the music bonus bundled with the collector's edition of the game. All the releases are collected into one convenient post here.

# Track Title Time D/L Facebook Youtube
1 The Mandalorian Blockade
By Mark Griskey, Wilbert Roget, II, Gordy Haab, Lennie Moore
05:26 7.46 MB
2 Korriban, The Homeworld
By Mark Griskey
05:20 7.32 MB
3 Yesterday's Jawa
By Steve Kirk
02:45 3.77 MB
4 Average Brown Wookie
By Peter McConnell
02:56 4.05 MB
5 Ord Mantell, The Battleground
By Gordy Haab, Mark Griskey
06:22 8.74 MB
6 Nal Hutta, The Glorious Jewel
By Gordy Haab
06:02 8.28 MB
7 Tython, The Wellspring
Wilbert Roget, II
07:00 9.61 MB
8 Dromund Kaas, The Seat of Power
By Mark Griskey, Jesse Harlin, Gordy Haab
05:26 7.46 MB
9 Coruscant, The Capital
By Lennie Moore
06:39 9.13 MB
10 Do The Holos Show Up On The Bill?
By Steve Kirk
02:38 3.62 MB
11 Kayfoundo Naweea (Hungry Eyes)
By Peter McConnell
02:34 3.54 MB
12 Balmorra, The Forge
By Lennie Moore, Jesse Harlin
06:12 8.51 MB
13 Taris, The Plague
By Jesse Harlin, Wilbert Roget II
06:42 9.20 MB
14 Nar Shaddaa, The Playground
By Wilbert Roget II, Jesse Harlin
06:04 8.33 MB
15 Tatooine, The Desert Sands
By Wilbert Roget II, Jesse Harlin
05:30 7.55 MB
16 Alderaan, The Throne
By Lennie Moore
06:30 8.92 MB
17 In The Escape Pod
By Steve Kirk
02:09 2.95 MB
18 Doe Azalus Ootman
By Jared Emerson-Johnson
02:44 3.75 MB
19 The Occupation of Balmorra
By Lennie Moore, Mark Grisky, Jesse Harlin
04:32 6.22 MB
20-01 The Battle for Coruscant
By Gordy Haab, Lennie Moore
06:17 8.65 MB
20-02 Hoth, The Frozen Wastes
By Wilbert Roget II
06:26 8.83 MB
20-03 Belsavis, The Ancient Prison
By Wilbert Roget II
06:18 8.65 MB
20-04 Voss, The Mystic Garden
By Jesse Harlin, Mark Griskey
05:30 7.55 MB
20-05 Cut The Phobium
By Steve Kirk
02:29 3.41 MB
20-06 That Slippery Little Hutt Of Mine
By Jared Emerson-Johnson
02:36 3.59 MB
20-07 Corellia, The Shipyards
By Gordy Haab, Wilbert Roget II
09:39 13.2 MB
20-08 Credits Where Credits Are Due
By Jared Emerson-Johnson
02:35 3.56 MB
20-09 The Siege Of Alderaan
By Gordy Haab, Mark Griskey
05:16 7.23 MB
  • Razorfish

    Music list has been full updated. I’ll see about the possibility of providing or linking a single archive with all the tracks contained within, as downloading 29 individual files can be annoying.