Ray Muzyka teases about Dragon Age 3 some more

In a recent Wired article, BioWare bigwig Ray Muzyka mentions that Dragon Age 3 may be drawing some inspiration from the open world nature of another dragon-filled smash-hit RPG: Skyrim. As expected, most details are hush hush for now, and there was no peep about the playable dragon multiplayer rumor, but Mike Laidlaw was able to add that, "Follower armor is confirmed, though how that works exactly is for later."

  • Nunya

    Well, depends on WHAT they take from Skyrim, Bethdeathsta does a few things well, but very few. And the Multiplayer seems like a really bad idea when the game itself needs all the dev time it can get. I don’t mind the inclusion of it, but as a feature I would never use, I would rather they put that time into not making the game suck, unlike with DA2.