Raphael Sbarge’s Thanksgiving Gift to Kaidan Fans Immortalized On Youtube

Thank you, Internet! Raphael Sbarge, the voice of Bioware studs Carth Onasi and Kaidan Alenko, provided a special gift for fans over the Thanksgiving weeked. While we were busy stuffing our faces with turkey and playing the SWTOR beta unable to download a copy of the MP3 before its removal, thanks to intrepid fangirls, we're able to share his present with you.

Kaidan fans will recognize this as an in-character reading of the letter he writes to FemShep after their rather, um, awkward reunion on Horizon, so long as he and Shepard got romantic in Mass Effect 1. For those of you who'd like to read along:


I'm sorry for what I said back on Horizon. I spent two years pulling myself back together after you went down with the Normandy. It took me a long time to get over my guilt for surviving and move on. I'd finally let my friends talk me into going out for drinks with a doctor on the Citadel. Nothing serious, but trying to let myself have a life again, you know?

Then I saw you, and everything pulled hard to port. You were standing in front of me, but you were with Cerberus. I guess I really don't know who either of us is anymore. Do you even remember that night before Ilos? That night meant everything to me... maybe it meant as much to you. But a lot has changed in the last two years and I can't just put that aside.

But please be careful. I've watched too many people close to me die -- on Eden Prime, on Virmire, on Horizon, on the Normandy. I couldn't bear it if I lost you again. If you're still the woman I remember I know you'll find a way to stop these Collector attacks. But Cerberus is too dangerous to be trusted. Watch yourself.

When things settle down a little... maybe... I don't know. Just take care.


For his part, Raphael has been making some publicity stops discussing his time spent voicing the Biotic sidekick, including audioblogs over at FanGeek.com. He's also auctioning personal MP3 voice messages to benefit his charity, GreenWish.

We'll find out more about Kaidan, and how his relationship evolves with both Fem- and BroShep, in just 3 short months.