Official Composer List Revealed on BSN, Includes Music Teaser

Community Manager Jessica Merizan has unveiled the list of composers that will contribute to the score for Mass Effect 3. The list includes several veterans to the Mass Effect universe and a Golden Globe nominee, and you can see for yourself after the break.

Jessica's post runs down the list of composers tapped to provide music for the conclusion to the Shepard saga, along with their accomplishments.

Clint Mansell, Golden Globe nominated Hollywood composer recognized for scoring celebrated films including Black Swan, The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream.

Christopher Lennertz, Emmy nominated Hollywood composer known for his work on the recent movie Horrible Bosses, also composed Mass Effect 2: Overlord, Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker, and won the Interactive Academy Award for Medal of Honor.

Cris Velasco, known for composing the God of War series’ score, has also worked on downloadable content Mass Effect 2: Kasumi and Mass Effect 2: Arrival.

Sam Hulick, veteran to the Mass Effect series having composed the score for Mass Effect, Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky and Mass Effect 2.

Sascha Dikiciyan, video game industry veteran, known for composing the score for TRON: Evolution and the scores of Mass Effect 2: Kasumi and Mass Effect 2: Arrival.

While Jack Wall's abstention from scoring the upcoming game did raise some concern in the community, the list shows that plenty of veteran Mass Effect composers will return to contribute music to the soundtrack. Clint Mansell's additions will likely be substantial, and his Black Swan and Requiem soundtracks, in particular, are critically lauded.

For those of you with an inkling for more video game music, Jessica's post also contains a short teaser of the score we can expect to listen to throughout the game.