Mass Effect 3 VGA Trailer Analysis – Space Ogres!

Mass Effect 3, winner of the VGA's Most Anticipated Game of 2012, appeared on the award show with a new trailer showing off a previously unseen mission that takes place on an unnamed planet. Join us after the break for the tasty tidbits of information we can glean from this teaser.

The trailer starts on a desolate planet, where the Reapers have already established a big, hulking presence. Garrus, ever the optimist, points to your current objective, a tower off in the distance, and opines that it will be a very hard target to reach.

The Krogan seemed to have had carousels before their nuclear war.

A group of what appear to be Reaperized Klixen approach, and your Krogan companion makes off to engage them while Shepard, Gaurus, and Vega head towards your goal.

On the way, your group must run through a gauntlet. Shepard and crew have some cover to hide behind, but still must avoid blasts and stomps from the Reaper. A duo of fighter ships also engage it to draw fire away from the crew.

"Holy Shit", Vega? Thanks for the astute observation.

A new enemy bursts out of the ground, a large, armored hulk with a massive chip on its shoulder. Though Shepard could feasibly engage them, in this run he chooses to sidestep and continue to the objective.

Space. Ogres.

Your goal in this run is a usable object called the "Maw Hammer". Like the Keystone in Grunt's Mass Effect 2 mission, this acts as a Thumper, calling a giant-friggin' Thresher Maw to the location.

Not at all like Dune. No sir.

Upon using the Hammer, Shepard and Crew retreat while an impressive Maw/Reaper battle ensues.

Oh hai!

There's a few things we can gleam from what is shown in the trailer. First, let's take a look at what planet this is:

  • A very brown, decrepit locale that appears it could have been the target of a nuclear strike,
  • What appear to be Reaperized Klixen,
  • A device used to summon Thresher Maws, and
  • A giant Thresher Maw.

This leads me to believe this mission takes place on Tuchanka, the Krogan homeworld.

We can also use this deduction to guess at the nature of the Brutes. Look at this giant bastard:

He's huge. And armored. And angry. And we see three of them total with 90 seconds of each other, on the homeworld of a huge, armored, and angry sentient species.

I'm thinking this trailer has revealed to us what happens to Krogan when the Reapers get their hands on them.

It is interesting to note the head shape of the Brute could be considered closer to that of the Yahg, a pre-space flight species seen in Lair of the Shadow Broker.

Known for their fierce aggression and bitchin' suits.

However, based on the eyes seen on the Brute, the head shape may simply be a mutation. We also don't know if Shepard will set foot on Parnack, the Yahg homeworld - or if the Yahg would catch the notice of the Reapers at all - as they haven't evolved to the standards dictated by the Cthulian horrors.

The final piece we can speculate on would be the location Shepard's crew finds themselves in:

She's with the Hammer. And these, *raises fists* are not the Hammer.

When activating the Hammer, it has the same effect as the Keystone did in Mass Effect 2, in that it attracts creatures to the location. However, why does this particular one have a special name? Could it be this location has a particular significance in Krogan lore? Did ancient Krogan make a habit out of calling giant Thresher Maws?

There's a discussion thread on the Bioware Social Network regarding this trailer. At the time of publication, it's sitting at just over 40 pages of some dissection, some griping, and mostly squee-ing. We join our fellow Bioware Fans in anticipation to see more of Shepard's adventures in Sunny Tuchanka.