Mass Effect 3 To Show At CES, With Kinect Support

According to ABC-affiliate KXTV, BioWare will be set to show Kinect-powered Mass Effect to the public at next year's Consumer Electronics Show, marking perhaps the first time the public will be able to bark orders at their Turian squadmate. Details follow the break.

The story first appeared on News10's website, though we're having difficulty discerning what is accurate what is simply the result of a news writer filling in an article on a piece he's only passably familiar with.

To start, Barry White writes [Embedded link is mine]:

Mass Effect 3 will be unveiled for Kinect during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January.

Of course, the Kinect features for Mass Effect 3 were revealed last summer at E3. You can see the addition of voice support below:

Though White also adds that motion controls will be added, this runs counter to what BioWare's been saying. Since E3, producers have been saying that Kinect support will only extend to voice commands, and motion control will not appear in the game.

That said, CES visitors will have a chance to test Kinect support on their own next month. The show runs from 1/10/12 - 1/13/13 in Las Vegas, NV.