DAL Skill Builder update alpha 4b

This new version of the Dragon Age: Legends Skill Builder offers some important bugfixes for the action bar as well as the promised skill data review. Skills should be up to date with the latest patch now.

Version Alpha 4b Changelog

  • Fixed a bug with saving action bar configurations that use certain skills from the latter two trees of each class
  • Fixed a bug with short drag and drop reverts/snapbacks
  • Both the Warrior and Rogue versions of Targeted Attack are now draggable
  • Rogue's Poison Arrow upgrade text clarified
  • Rogue's Mass Volley skill text updated and upgrade text clarified
  • Rogue's Coup de Grace mana cost updated
  • Rogue's Exploit Weakness weapon requirement text updated
  • Mage's Inferno skill text updated
  • Mage's Mass Heal upgrade text clarified
  • Mage's Mana Drain upgrade text clarified
  • Mage's Life Drain upgrade text updated and clarified (also fixes errant bonus text)
  • Mage's Walking Bomb damage type updated
  • Warrior's Shattering Blow skill text updated
  • Warrior's Destroyer skill and upgrade text updated
  • Warrior's Shield Bash upgrade text clarified
  • Warrior's Axe Mastery skill description updated
  • Warrior's Throw Mastery skill description updated