DAL Skill Builder update alpha 4

I've updated the Dragon Age: Legends Skill Builder to version alpha 4, which adds a "skill bar" to represent the radial action slots available to your character - the 10 abilities (5 active, 5 passive) you actually take into battle. Action slots settings can be saved with your build url, although you can choose to ignore this feature entirely.

Action slots as they appear in-game.

How It Works

Once you've invested at least 1 point into an ability that is not a "Passive Skill," you will able drag and drop the ability directly from the talent tree display into an action slot. As per the game, there are two types of action slots: Active Action (Red), and Passive Action (Blue).

You can also drag and drop abilities from one slot to another. Dropping an ability on top of another will simply replace the target ability with the ability you dropped - it does not swap them.

You can also right-click a filled action slot to empty it. If you uninvest all the points from an ability that you placed in a slot on the action bar, it will disappear from the action bar. To quickly clear the entire action bar, I've added a text link option to "Reset Skill Bar" in the list of useful operations that I haven't placed into the rest of the UI yet.

If you toggle between the three classes, the action bar will remember the state of the action bar for each class, you will not lose your action bar settings unless you reload the web page before saving the build URL.

Alpha 4 Changelog

  • Added "active" and "passive" action slots with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Fixed a couple of skill typos
  • Disabled the on-the-fly replacement of mana cost numbers with icons because it was causing errors in Internet Explorer

Alpha 4a Changelog

  • Fixed Mass Regeneration "NaN" display
  • Fixed Shield Strike prerequisite incorrectly checking for Shield Charge instead of Shield Bash

Existing build URLs are not affected by the changes. You should be able to load your alpha 3+ builds without any problems.

Internet Explorer 9 seems to render the action bar styling a little bit strangely, but the functionality of the action slots seem to be unaffected by this cross-browser inconsistency.

Next up for the DAL Skill Builder is a more thorough review of ability text and numbers to make sure that they properly reflect the current state of the game. Not all skill changes are documented in the official patch notes unfortunately.

  • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

    Hellsoutcast has alerted me about a problem with the encoding of some action bar urls resulting in action bars that don’t load the saved configuration (particularly, ones with numbers in the text after the # sign in the url). Currently investigating this behavior.

    • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

      This bug, along with a couple of other problems, is now squished in the alpha 4b tool update: http://biowarefans.com/2011/12/dal-skill-builder-update-alpha-4b/