Bioware Blog Entry – I Am Shepard’s Renegade Interrupt

Mass Effect senior writer Patrick Weekes has posted a first-person perspective story to Bioware's official blog, exploring the Commander's thoughts as he winds down from a recent mission that did not go exactly as planned. The story itself is an interesting perspective on a character whose thought processes we usually fill in for ourselves, but we can also read between the lines and glean some possible spoilers about what we can see in Mass Effect 3. Follow us below the break to see what Weekes' story has to show us.

You can find Weekes' story here. The tale describes Shepard as he winds down from a mission debriefing and tries to relax between missions.

Here's what information we can gather from this post:

  1. One mission has you rescuing Turians - It appears that your ability (or inability) to save the entire squad may have consequences, too. For instance, the Turian diplomats chew Shepard's ear off over the Turians who didn't survive, and even Garrus is displeased.
  2. At least one mission takes you to the Citadel. This was a no-brainer, based on the importance the Space Station has in the Mass Effect universe, though this is the first mention of a mission bringing you there in the next installment. There's not much detail about the quest, except that you must seek out a contact onboard the floating metropolis. There's another mention of a sidequest that takes you to a Reaper-controlled system, which might play into the Galaxy at War system.
  3. Shepard has a messaging system similar to Mass Effect 2, and it appears to have been beefed up. In this story, James Vega sends Shepard a note that he wants to discuss something with the Commander, a feature missing from the previous game. It appears that Shepard's Yeoman has changed as well. Though Shepard's comm specialist is described as a tech expert, Kelly Chambers, Shepard's previous assistant, was an expert in Psychology. Perhaps she stayed with Cerberus, or has filled a new role on board the Normandy.
  4. The quartermaster returns - the SR1 featured an on-board vendor who featured a slightly limited selection of goods to purchase, but was quite useful for selling off all the weapon mods that clogged your inventory. From the story it appears that he's back, and selling goods at marked-up prices. The ship also features a workbench, though we were already told that in demonstrations.
  5. Companion quests return - Though not directly stated, it appears that the Space Beefcake gives Shepard another mission to juggle alongside the contact at the Citadel and the evacuation mission in Reaper space. This is the mission he appears to select next in the concluding section of the story.