Amazon Gives a Sneak Peak of Dragon Age: Asunder

David Gaider's third Dragon Age novel, which promises to tell more of the developing Chantry/Circle conflict, is set to ship in two weeks. For those of you dying to get a look at the upcoming story, Amazon has reprinted a piece from Gaider's book on its store page. Follow us below the break for a look at the excerpt and what it could mean for the story as a whole.

The story snippet, found on Amazon's listing page, takes us to The White Spire, the Circle Tower for Orlesian mages and Templars. The excerpt features two nameless Mage Apprentices and Cole, a mostly-dead mage who's not sure of his own status within the realm of the living. While eavesdropping on the mages' conversation, Cole begins to think back on his own capture and possible death at the hands of the Templars.

The interesting part of this snippet comes when combined with the overview given when Asunder was first announced:

A mystical killer stalks the halls of the White Spire, the heart of templar power in the mighty Orlesian Empire.

This excerpt could be giving us our first look at this killer - an ethereal being upset at the lot given him by the Templars, and his perceived abandonment by The Maker.

Asunder also promises to fill us in on the adventures of Wynne and Shale, who have seemingly taken to travelling together as the Wise One seeks to help restore the golem to her original Dwarven form. And we will also be getting our first look at Rhys, Wynne's estranged son who will play a prominent role in the developments of this novel.

Asunder is currently available for pre-order and will release on the 20th. You can get it either in paperback or e-book formats.