[Wall Post] Wrath of Heroes: Beta Testing Phase 3

Wrath of Heroes' beta test phase 3 begins this Thanksgiving weekend, November 24-27 with a lineup of 17 heroes. BioWare Mythic confirmed 3 of those heroes today: Korith the Shadow Warrior, Korelei the Witch Elf, and Glowgob da Green (clockwise, top to bottom). We'll update our abilities list as needed when the data is made available.

Source: Wrath of Heroes (Wall Photos)

Only 7 days to go before Wrath of Heroes beta re-launches with phase 3. This means it’s time to look at the line up of heroes waiting for you to lead them to victory.

These are the first 3 confirmed heroes of Wrath’s 17 for Thanksgiving:
Korelei the Witch Elf, Korith the Shadow Warrior and – returning with his mushrooms – Glowgob da Green.

We’ll have more for you tomorrow.