[Wall Post] BioWare might change Mass Effect 3 script in wake of leak

TL;DR: BioWare may be taking your criticisms to heart and changing the storyline based on your feedback. The leaked beta demo also included some code that revealed the entire story of the main game apparently. BioWare was quick to reassure people that the script included with the private beta code was a rough draft with changes pending already, so the contents of this article just reaffirms their stance on the leak situation.

Source: www.pcgamer.com

Probably as part of some diabolical, taking-candy-from-babies Reaper plot, an unfinished build of Mass Effect 3 was recently leaked onto Xbox Live. BioWare’s troubles didn’t end there, however, as a Russian website took a quick dip in the code and emerged with an equally still-in-progress version of...