Star Wars: The Old Republic Stress Test Beta Weekend (and Key Giveaways) [Updated]

Sorry about the lack of updates, we've been recovering from some nearly nonstop "testing" during the last Star Wars: The Old Republic closed beta test weekend... Unfortunately, we're under NDA, so we can't talk about it yet, but at least everyone who has signed up to beta test by November 11th has been invited for the next test. Additionally, if you signed up after Nov 11 (or not at all), there is a ton of beta weekend keys being given out. The upcoming event is likely considered a "stress test" weekend, and according to the official FAQ, will be the last beta test weekend prior to launch. I've compiled a list of sources from which you can grab key after the break.

Remember, if you signed up to beta test before November 11th, you probably already received an email invitation to play during the stress test weekend. You don't need to get a key from any of these sources, and using a key may actually mess with your ability to participate in the stress test. You need to use the key at the official SWTOR site by this Friday, November 18th to register for the stress test beta, so be quick about it!

The stress test is scheduled to take place from November 25 to November 28. Invitations will be sent out by next week.

  • BioWare is giving out 400,000 keys on their Facebook page.
  • Massively (Joystiq) is giving out 75,000 keys.
  • Curse is giving out an unspecified number of keys.
  • MMORPG is giving away 20,000 keys.
  • PC Gamer is giving out 12,000 keys.
  • Video Gamer is giving away 12,000 keys.
  • NowGamer is giving away 12,000 keys.
  • CVG is giving away 13,000 keys.
  • IGN Prime subscribers can get a beta key. If you aren't already paying for IGN Prime yet, I recommend getting a key from any of the other sites that are giving them away for free instead.

There's a full list of participating sites, but the official site is currently down for maintenance, so we can't check this list for completeness at the moment.