SageQueen’s Fenris Friendship Guide – Scoring The Elf While Protecting Mages

There's something compelling about Fenris' character. Broody, vindictive, and yet still capable of a disarming laugh. He's a compelling choice for developing a relationship around - and one of the more interesting characters to romance in the game. One big problem though - he hates mages. Netting a friendship with Fenris while playing a pro-mage playthrough may seem a hopeless cause. However, SageQueen has put together another excellent guide to show how you can gain the Elf's friendship while championing the oppressed magic users.

Slightly different from her Adept video guide we've featured before, SageQueen lays out all the big dialogue choices that help you lead to friendship with the sulky elf. In addition, she points out the quests that Fenris should be left out of, in order to play pro-mage while not taking the hit to his friendship scale.

By following this guide, you can score the friendship bonus (+10 Magic Resistance) by the end of Act 1, be "locked in" to the friendship (meaning that you've attained 100 friendship, and can't gain or lose any more points) halfway through Act 2, and safely score the romance option. And all this while helping the very people he despises.

She also has a rivalry guide as well, though frankly Fenris is the Morrigan of this game - he disapproves of all.