Mass Effect 3 Beta Leaked on XBox Live, Screenshots Ahoy!

Over on NeoGaf, a few users have begun discussing a fortunate accident coming from Microsoft. XBox users who were taking part in a preview for the upcoming Fall Update for the XBox Live Dashboard were also able to download a leaked beta for Mass Effect 3.

There's a ongoing thread over on the NeoGaf forums, which discusses some of the developments we can pick up from the screenshots. The leaked beta consists of the two singleplayer missions we've already seen, as well as multiplayer. Of particular interest are the following:

  • Three Default Game Types - Action Mode, Story Mode, and RPG Mode. Action mode has default gameplay with some simplified role-playing elements, whereas Story Mode has the default role-playing segment with easy gameplay. RPG Mode appears to be the one we'll be going for, with both default combat difficulty and full dialogue choices.
  • Options Menu has all the same choices as ME2, plus a helmet hiding option.
  • Wrex does appear on the Normandy at some point in-game, though we don't see anything in the thread to clue us in as to when.
  • Multiplayer selection starts with class (the same as Shepard's choices), and from there you select race and gender.
  • Quarians in Multiplayer - selectable as either an Engineer or Infiltrator.
  • Selectable Outfits for Companions - One poster mentions heavier armor for Ashley, which changes her hair style from the new doo to her ME1 bun.

We'll be following developments from this story, but this leak has already been noticed and sealed by Bioware and EA, so don't get your hopes up on running through on your own.

Our analysis/summary of leaked beta demo information and media is now available here.