Geoff Keighly: Bioware Set To Unveil New Game At VGA’s.

Great, now I have a reason to watch the VGAs. SpikeTV correspondent, Geoff Keighley, teased the reveal of a "brand new" Bioware game during the Dorito-advertising-fueled awards show. Now they just need to bring Neil Patrick Harris to host again and I may actually be excited for a show on SpikeTV.

On Keighley's twitter he writes:

Also at the VGAs: Alan Wake returns and @Bioware unveils a new game from a new studio. Teaser images in December Game Informer mag.

And Game Informer has also fanned the flames of speculation in its teaser page for its upcoming issue:

Three promised reveals include a look at a brand new franchise from BioWare, the developer behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age. We'll also get a look at the next Alan Wake title and a full reveal of Metal Gear Solid: Rising. We'll have the first teaser images of these titles this Monday at (also featured in the December issue), so check back then.

Bioware currently has two offices that could be considered new - Montreal and Galway, Ireland. The Galway office has been described exclusively as a customer service center for The Old Republic, while the Montreal office has been handling a lot of work on the Multiplayer campaign for Mass Effect 3.

There was also a rumor from last year that the Montreal office was hiring for two new projects - a "military-genre FPS" and an action-adventure IP. We have no idea if the rumor was at all accurate, as the source link directs back to the referrer page. But it would be interesting to see if it was on point after all.

The Montreal office is hiring programmers and concept artists currently. However, there aren't any indicators that would show a new franchise - any technologies mentioned in the listings would also apply to Mass Effect 3.

We'll be keeping an eye on developments to see what's on the horizon for Bioware. And I'll be hoping against hope for a Jade Empire 2.