First Look At The New Bioware Franchise Shows Explosions, Accidental Flying

Game Informer just released its teaser screenshot for Bioware's upcoming franchise, set to be fully unveiled at next month's VGAs. Join us after the break for our first look and some wildly awesome speculation.

The screenshot found at Game Informer reveals an exploding car, and an ejected passenger in a desert setting.

Though GI refers to this as a collision, that doesn't appear to be the case. The orientation of the flipping car, and the direction of the debris and the poor bastard flung from his seat, indicates an explosion of some sort - likely taking place under the engine to send it backwards and flipping. A look at the pick-up truck in the background also shows that it has a large gun attached to its bed.

What we can gather from this screenshot is that vehicular combat should be a part of Bioware's next franchise. Whether it's more Twisted Metal or Borderlands remains to be seen.