A Tiny Peek At Bioware’s Next Franchise

A teaser advert for next month's VGAs gives us a sneak peek at the trailer for Bioware's next game franchise, and gives us a slightly clearer, though still rather small, look at what will appear at the game. Rampant speculation is always fun, so join us after the break for the video and some moderate squeeing.

The actual clip from the trailer registers around 2 or 3 seconds long, following some hype over how awesome Bioware's been for the past 15 years and inviting you to come see some future awesome from them.

This clip shows us a little bit more than what we saw from the screenshot Game Informer showed us a few weeks back. The first image we see is below:

That's a tank, all right. Though, unless my military gear knowledge has become rusty, it doesn't seem to match any current models in use in the big militaries. That would seem to indicate either a non-realworld approach (as opposed to a Modern Warfare or Jane's approach), or perhaps a near/not-so-near future approach.

We also see what look to be transport trucks being shot at and abandoned urban buildings in this shot. This still is taken right before one gets exploded.

So, this clip seems to strengthen last year's rumors of Bioware working on a military shooter. The hardware displayed in this clip does appear much more "standard" than the screenshot's depiction of off-road trucks with howitzers strapped to them. Bioware Montreal is still recruiting, but it's still impossible to differentiate which openings may be for this new franchise and which may be for the Mass Effect 3 portions they're woking on.

What are your thoughts on the apparent direction this franchise is heading in?