Wrath of Heroes: Tactics List

Here's a complete list of the tactics available in the current build of the Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes closed beta.

Tactics appear to be special bonuses and effects that your heroes can benefit from during matches. When you select your hero (at the beginning of the game or after you die), you can also specify a tactics loadout (a set of up to 4 tactics/bonuses) to be associated with that character. You can unlock up to 4 tactics loadouts consisting of 4 tactics each.

Tactics are unlocked from left to right, top to bottom, but not at a rate of one per level. There seemed to be a level requirement (which was not noted in the tooltip) to unlock each tactic, and the tooltip text seemed to imply that tactics will ultimately have a cost associated with it (game currencies not yet implemented). Since most of us beta testers didn't start at level 1 this weekend, I didn't gather any level unlock requirements data. Tooltip data, aside from name and description, seemed to be remnants of a template for something else. There doesn't seem to be much/any discernable correlation between icon color and the type of tactic/bonus it is, yet.

  1. Revenge!

    On dying: Your next attack after respawning will almost always critically hit.
  2. Bloodlust

    5% chance on hit: Regain 71 health.
  3. Bloodbath

    5% chance on hit: Deals 77 damage to another enemy within 10 feet of the victim.
  4. Eye for an Eye

    On dying: Deals 77 damage to the person who killed you.
  5. Proficiency

    Reduces the durations of all knockdown and stagger effects used on you by 50%.
  6. Flee!

    10% chance on being hit: Sprint for 4 seconds.
  7. Backlash

    10% chance on disrupt: Deals 77 damage back against the attacker.
  8. Agility

    Reduces the durations of all root and snare effects used on you by 50%.
  9. Retaliation

    10% chance on being hit: Deals 38 damage to all enemies within 20 feet.
  10. Mastery

    Reduces the durations of all silence and disarm effects used on you by 50%.
  11. Alacrity

    Reduces all area damage you take by 5%.
  12. Clever Recovery

    10% chance on dodge: Deals 77 damage back against the attacker.
  13. Warped Flesh

    Increases your armor by 10%
  14. Discord

    Increases your resistance by 10%.
  15. Steady Aim

    Increases your chance to critically hit by 10%.
  16. Jagged Edge

    2% chance on hit: Deals 144 damage over 12 seconds.
  17. Blasting

    5% chance on hit: Knocks the victim away from you a short distance.
  18. Vigor

    Increases your maximum hit points by 100.
  19. Desperation

    Reduces all damage you take by 35% when you are below 25% hit points.
  20. Restorative Burst

    10% chance on being hit: Regain 46 health.
  21. Receptiveness

    Increases the effectiveness of most healing used on you by 10%. This does not affect lifetaps.
  22. Luck of the Gods

    Reduces all damage you take by 50% while you are knocked down.
  23. Rugged

    Reduces your chance to be critically hit by 10%.
  24. Brute Force

    Increases your bonus critical damage by 20%.
  25. Sneak Attacks

    Increases all damage you deal by 10% when attacking from the rear.
  26. Rapidity

    Increases your movement speed by 3%.
  27. Assault

    10% chance on critical hit: Increases the damage you deal by 30% for 10 seconds.
  28. Cripple

    5% chance on hit: Snares the victim for 4 seconds.
  29. Adaptation

    100% chance on being critically hit. Cannot be critically hit again for 10 seconds.
  30. Keen Eye

    Increases the maximum range of all abilities by 10%.
  31. Endless Knowledge

    Reduces ability cooldown times by 10%.
  • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

    Tactics were introduced last weekend, but I took the tooltip and screenshot data from the most recent weekend’s test sessions. The tactics system seem to be in a very rough state right now, and very likely to change as testing continues. I’m working on an interactive display where you can drag and drop them into slots and such for a future tool of some sort, but I thought it would be nice to get a reference page up first and put the rest at the end of the todo list.