Wrath of Heroes: Champion Lineup [Updated]

Now that the NDA has been lifted, I threw together a quick display of all of the playable champions in the Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes closed beta. I find that, after selecting a champion, the few seconds before a match begins is not enough time to really absorb the data contained in all the tooltips. Also, when the beta servers are offline, nobody can check anything. So I transcribed them all from the game so that anyone can reflect on champion usage at their leisure.

Last updated October 28, 2011. Note that Amenadresh, Felicia, and Glowgob are not available to play in the latest beta session. Conrad (Warrior Priest) and Zathis (Assassin) are new additions to the lineup.

Amenadresh, Steward of the Sands

  1. Chant of Vengeance

    Deals 25 damage. Every fourth cast will also deal 42 area damage.
  2. Djaf's Curse

    Deals 55 damage. The target cannot critically hit for 5 seconds.
  3. Neru's Protection

    Creates a field around you for 5 seconds which moderately reduces damage taken for all allies.
  4. Usekhp's Dessication

    Creates a field around the target for 5 seconds which moderately increases damage taken for all enemies.
  5. Sakhmet's Sandstorm

    Creates a field around the target for 5 seconds which repeatedly deals 18 damage and snares enemies.

Bax Dreadtoof

  1. Clobber

    Deals 25 damage and gives you 1 stack of Clobberin'.
  2. Where You Goin'?

    Allows you to sprint for 3 seconds.
  3. Yer Nothin'

    Deals 25 damage, and greatly reduces the target's damage for 6 seconds. Gives you 1 stack of Clobberin'.
  4. I'm Da Biggest!

    Deals 55 damage, and restores 69 hit points to you. Damage and healing increase with Clobberin'.
  5. Down Ya Go!

    Deals 115 damage, and knocks the target down for 4 seconds.
  1. Clobberin'

    Increases damage done. Stacks up to 10 times. Lasts 20 seconds.

Conrad, the Hammer of Sigmar

  1. Divine Strike

    Deals 25 damage to the target, and restores 21 hit points to nearby allies.
  2. Sigmar's Wrath

    Deals 55 damage to the target, and restores 46 hit points to nearby allies.
  3. Judgement

    Deals 55 damage and silences the target for 3 seconds.
  4. Sigmar's Fist

    For 10 seconds, whenever a nearby ally deals damage, you cause additional damage.
  5. Divine Aegis

    Restores 144 hit points, and absorbs up to 178 damage over 10 seconds.

Durrig Blackbeard

  1. Gun Blast

    Deals 29 damage.
  2. Tracer Round

    Deals 63 damage. Your Turret also deals an additional 48 area damage around the same target.
  3. Bombardment Turret

    Deploys a turret which will remain active for up to 60 seconds. The Turret deals 31 area damage every 2 seconds, and attacks the same targets that you do.
  4. Shrapnel Grenade

    Deals 120 damage over 12 seconds to the target and enemies around them.
  5. Artillery Barrage

    Repeatedly deals 43 damage to the target and enemies around them.

Felicia, the Flamekissed

  1. Fireball

    Deals 29 damage.
  2. Fiery Blast

    Deals 98 damage and knocks the target away.
  3. Rain of Fire

    Repeatedly deals 43 damage and snares enemies around the target's location for 3 seconds.
  4. Flame Breath

    Repeatedly deals 21 damage to all enemies in front of you for up to 3 seconds.
  5. Conflagration of Doom

    Roots the target in place for 4 seconds. Repeatedly deals 32 damage to all enemies around the target.

Glowgob da Green

  1. Life Leaka

    Deals 25 damage to the target, and restores 21 hit points to nearby allies.
  2. Shroom Tossin'

    Restores 70 hit points to nearby allies.
  3. 'Ere We Go!

    For 5 seconds, whenever a nearby ally deals damage, you cause additional damage.
  4. Look it's Mork!

    Repeatedly restores 62 hit points to nearby allies for 10 seconds.
  5. Mork's Touch

    Absorbs up to 267 damage over 4 seconds. Repeatedly deals 24 damage to nearby enemies until the effect fades.

Ikkrik Poisonclaw

  1. Warpstone Scraps

    Deals 29 damage.
  2. Weeping Blade

    Deals 98 damage. Almost always critically hits if the target is below 50% hit points.
  3. Warpstone Stars

    Attacks twice, dealing 63 damage with each hit.
  4. Flinging Frenzy

    Repeatedly attacks the target, dealing up to 165 damage over 1 second.
  5. Smoke Bomb

    You become stealthy and immune to damage for 5 seconds.

Ilyana, the Poisoned Bloom

  1. Doombolt

    Deals 29 damage and grants 1 charge of Impending Doom.

    Impending Doom increases your crit chance by 10% stacking up to 10 times. Any time you critically hit, all stacks of Impending Doom are consumed.
  2. Gloomburst

    Deals 98 damage.
  3. Word of Pain

    Deals 87 damage over 5 seconds, then an additional 98 damage when the effect ends.
  4. Power of Darkness

    Deals 132 damage and knocks the target upwards.
  5. Shadow Blades

    Deals 160 damage over 2 seconds, and grants 5 charges of Impending Doom each time it deals damage.
  1. Impending Doom

    Crit chance increased by 10%. Stacks up to 10 times.

Kaelin Blackthorn

  1. Branch Swipe

    Deals 25 damage.

    With Winter's Chill, also heals you for part of the damage done.

    With Summer's Heat, deals moderately more damage.
  2. Razor Talons

    Deals 55 damage.

    With Winter's Chill, also disarms the target for 20 seconds.

    With Summer's Heat, also deals 148 over 4 seconds.
  3. Forest's Fury

    Deals 55 damage.

    With Winter's Chill, you cannot be critically hit for 10 seconds.

    With Summer's Heat, the target becomes moderately vulnerable for 5 seconds.
  4. Athel Loren Unleashed

    With Winter's Chill, staggers all nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

    With Summer's Heat, roots all nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
  5. A Change of Seasons

    Absorbs up to 178 damage for up to 10 seconds, and changes your season from Winter to Summer, or Summer to Winter.

    Winter's Chill moderately reduces damage taken by nearby allies.

    Summer's Heat moderately increases damage dealt by nearby allies.
  1. Winter's Chill

    Reduces damage taken. Also affects nearby allies.
  2. Summer's Heat

    Increases damage done. Also affects nearby allies.

Korelei, Mistress of Pain

  1. Biting Blade

    Deals 33 damage, and you sprint for 3 seconds.

    This attack bypasses armor.
  2. Manbane Toxin

    Deals 72 damage. Your next attack within 5 seconds will deal an additional 186 damage over 6 seconds.

    This attack bypasses armor.
  3. Heart Seeker

    Deals 72 damage. Increases the damage of your next attack within 5 seconds.

    This attack bypasses armor.
  4. Bloodlust

    Deals 111 damage. Your next Manbane Toxin or Heart Seeker within 8 seconds will not have any cooldown when used.

    This attack bypasses armor.
  5. Witchbrew

    Moderately reduces all damage you take and moderately increases all damage you deal for 8 seconds.

Korith Deathbringer

  1. Rapid Fire

    Repeatedly deals 7 damage to the target.
  2. Takedown

    Deals 98 damage.
  3. Fell the Weak

    Deals 98 damage, and almost always critically hits if the target is below 50% hit points.
  4. Festering Arrow

    Deals 132 damage, and an additional 48 damage over 12 seconds.
  5. Vengeance of Nagarythe

    Deals 132 damage, and moderately increases the damage you deal for 10 seconds.

Nethys the Crimson

  1. Blood Siphon

    Deals 33 damage and gives you 1 stack of Siphoned Blood.

    Siphoned Blood quickly restores health over time, and stacks up to 3 times.
  2. Tainted Blood

    Deals 72 damage for each stack of Siphoned Blood on you.
  3. Domination

    Deals 72 damage, and moderately increases your chance to critically hit for 7 seconds.
  4. Quickblood

    Allows you to sprint for 8 seconds, and causes all of your attacks to deal an additional 33 damage.
  5. Seduction

    Staggers all nearby enemies for 6 seconds, and restores 106 hit points for each enemy affected.
  1. Siphoned Blood

    Storing blood. Stacks up to 3 times. Lasts 12 seconds.

Thagison the Disgraced

  1. Slash

    Deals 33 damage.
  2. Pulverizing Strike

    Deals 72 damage, and an additional 88 damage over 4 seconds.
  3. Enraged Assault

    Deals 150 damage.
  4. For Redemption!

    Your next 2 attacks will critically hit.
  5. Grievous Harm

    Deals 150 damage, and makes the target moderately vulnerable to damage for 10 seconds.
  1. Rage

    Thagison is immune to Snare, Root, and Knockback effects.

Volrik the Destroyer

  1. Flail

    Deals 33 damage.
  2. Concussive Jolt

    Deals 72 damage, and snares the target for 2 seconds.
  3. Unstable Blast

    Roots the target in place for 4 seconds.
  4. Flames of Fate

    Blocks all healing on the target for 7 seconds.
  5. Terrible Embrace

    Deals 150 damage, and pulls the target in towards you.

Zathis, Scion of Khaine

  1. Shadowstrike

    Deals 33 damage.
  2. Touch of Death

    Deals 72 damage. If you are behind the target, deals 111 damage instead, and ignores all of the target's armor.
  3. Ambush

    Teleports you directly to the target and deals 72 damage.

    If you use this ability while you have the Cloak of Shadows effect active, then the target will also be rooted in place for 3 seconds.
  4. Cloak of Shadows

    Removes all damage-over-time effects from you, and makes you stealthy. While this effect is active, you move very slowly.

    You cannot use this ability while you are being attacked.
  5. Flashing Blades

    Your next 4 hits within the next 15 seconds will each deal an additional 111 damage.
  1. Assassination

    Zathis deals increased damage when striking from stealth.
  • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

    I need to double check the tooltip for the Dryad’s Summer’s Heat aura. I didn’t have a screenshot of it on record when I was doing the transcribing after the last beta weekend ended.

    I intend to add some of the (self) buff icons with tooltips like I did with the Dryad’s auras, but it’ll have to wait until the next beta session for some more info gathering.

  • Apostle

    Awesome! Really helpful, thanks for taking the time to do this =)

  • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

    October 28, 2011 Changelog:

    - added the self buff tooltip Clobberin’ to Bax (Black Orc)
    - added the self buff tooltip Impending Doom to Ilyana (Sorceress)
    - added the passive tooltip Rage to Thagison (Slayer)
    - added new hero Conrad (Warrior Priest)
    - added new hero Zathis (Assassin)
    - verified that Bax (Black Orc), Ilyana (Sorceress), Kaelin (Dryad), and Nethys (Vampire) had no skill changes

  • http://twitter.com/etaew Tom Spillar

    Hi Razorfish, I really like the style of your website, good job.

    Would you be interested in having any of this information up on the Wrath of Heroes Wiki? I’ve been manually updating that for a while, and abilities are something that we do want to add, you have some nice tooltips and images for this.

    • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

      We’ve given permission to Dragon Age wikia to copy our talent/skill data and images before, so I don’t really have any problems with having the WOH data immortalized at wikia either. It would be awesome if you mentioned us in the reference list at the bottom of the appropriate pages and such if you do though.

      One thing I want to point out though is that because it’s beta, class rebalancing may happen each week. Last weekend, there were no patch notes, so I had to go through each class individually and verify that nothing had changed. It might become arduous to do this every weekend, so hopefully we’ll get patch notes for this upcoming beta weekend.

      • http://twitter.com/etaew Tom Spillar

        BioWare Mythic helps run the Wikia, so we can ask them directly for changes, thanks for the permission and for sure there will be a reference.

        Last week wasn’t a different build just different heroes available. Announcement for this week is expected today or tomorrow.

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  • Hkn-m

    will it be updated soon?

    • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

      I guess it depends on when I get a chance to check out the latest version of WOH…which will probably have to wait until I finish updating the ME3 calculator.