[Wall Post] NYCC 2011: Kotobukiya’s Mass Effect Bishoujo Liara

Plastikitty got the dish on the revised Kotobukiya Bishoujo Liara T'Soni statue that is currently being showcased at NYCC. It looks like the fan outcry over the prototype was heard, and many of the complaints (coloring, details, bustiness) have been addressed in this new version. It will go on sale May 30, 2012 for $70 (TFAW's initial preorder deadline is Oct 26, 2011 for a discounted $56).

Source: www.plastikitty.com

Kotobukiya's Liara T'Soni Bishoujo has gone through a lot of controversy. Upon her original announcement, fans were pretty excited. Then the unpainted

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    Update on the pricing situation… Kotobukiya’s official pricing for this statue is $60, as denoted by the placard in the glass case that we pressed our faces against, but TFAW is selling it for the marked up price of $70 minus their usual 20% discount for preorders.

  • Ap0c

    To bad they keep the face like this it is really not like the “real” liara t’sony. for the rest still a pretty nice statue.