[Wall Post] Mass Effect 3 “Killer New Feature” reveal in next issue of XBox World

The XBox World magazine issue coming out on October 25 is teasing the reveal of a "killer new feature" for Mass Effect 3. It looks like it may also feature femShep on the cover! CVG, along with many fans, once again speculate that it is the announcement of a multiplayer mode, despite BioWare having debunked that rumor more than once. Since CVG is the companion site for XBox World magazine, their speculations may actually be more than just that this time. Could BioWare be eating their words in a few weeks time? Or do you think this mysterious feature X is something else?

Source: www.computerandvideogames.com

Xbox World magazine cover for the next issue coming out October 25 teases about a Mass Effect 3 exclusive. CVG thinks it's about multiplayer yet again.