Two New WOH Characters – Or, Elves Out The Woodwork

The Facebook page for Wrath of Heroes has revealed two new heroes playable in the upcoming beta session this weekend - as well as a couple that will be taking a fight from the brawl. Follow us below the break to take a closer look at these new fighters.

From the Facebook post:

Now it is time to look at the next beta weekend which is closing in and which brings two new heroes willing to turn the tide of battle.

Zathis is a Dark Elf Assassin who hides in the shadows ready to jump on his victims and claim the kill.

Conrad is a Warrior Priest eager to go into the heart of the fight, bringing pain to his enemies and support to his comrades-in-arms.

Great. More elves. And another stabby-stabby one at that. The Assassin was a Dark Elf unit missing from WAR - the Witch Elf filling the role as melee DPS in the Dark Elf faction. Though Korelei has already annoyed plenty with her daggers, it does appear that these two heroes will have some differences. While the Witch Elf relies on a high dodge rating and armor piercing to deal damage, Zathis will likely rely on a stealth ability and poison DOTs instead. We'll see tomorrow when the beta opens.

Conrad, however, is a much more welcome addition to the line-up. Previously, only one healing character had been playable - the Goblin Glowgob. In WAR, Warrior Priests served as a melee-based healing class - using attacks to fill a secondary resource meter to power their heals. With much more simplified abilities in WOH, I imagine healing would not be as complex with this character. Conrad will likely rely on a basic melee attack and area heals to fill his role.

With the addition of two new heroes, two existing characters have been temporarily removed from the lineup. Glowgob da Green and Felicia the Flamekissed will be sitting out this weekend. Though Glowgob was my favorite, and most used, toon, I'm curious to see how Conrad will work in the role.

Update: Bioware-Mythic has taken to the comments section of its Facebook post to clarify how Zathis will differ in gameplay from Korelei and Ikkrik - the other dagger-using characters.

In WoH the witch elf has no stealth, she is the dodgy, back stabbing, armor piercing one.

The skaven attacks from a distance, goes in for the kill and then vanishes. The assassin hides first and launches a surprise melee attack. The two styles are completely different. You'll see. :)

In other words, Zathis will play like your typical rogue from WoW. If there's a stun-lock capability, I'm gonna be pissed.