NYCC ’11 – Mass Effect Panel video

I've finally uploaded Danny's camcorder footage of part of the Dark Horse and Bioware Present: Mapping the Mass Effect Universe panel at New York Comic Con, October 15, 2011. I'm surprised that a better video of this panel still hasn't been made available. (There were several other attendees who recorded it with handheld video cameras.) Hopefully, BioWare will have podcasts of the panel up soon. Until then, check this out if you need to sate your curiosity...

Sorry for the incompleteness, people in front who kept trying to lean into the shot, people eating their snacks noisily nearby, etc. The room was overcrowded, noisy, and difficult to record in, especially with the pillars blocking the view for the people stuck standing in the back, and attempting to flip back and forth between the panel speakers and the presentation screen.

Nothing new was revealed in the remaining Q&A portion of the panel that was not recorded. Mac Walters finishes the truncated inquiry by stating that he has nothing new to announce about the Mass Effect movies.

Our NYCC panel videos post has been updated with this video.