NYCC ’11 – Details On New Dragon Age Comic Series

Razorfish and I have been attending NYCC this year, sampling all the finest cheeses and perusing the booths for the free-est of shwag. While we've been having a blast, getting hands on the upcoming Bioware goodness, we have some new developments as well, particularly with respect to Bioware's growing relationship with comics publisher Dark Horse.

For those not aware, Dark Horse is a large comics publisher. Though known mostly for their creator-owned works, such as Sin City, 300, and Hellboy, they also publish many licensed comics series, inclusing those based on Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

David Gaider and Mike Laidlaw revealed new details on the upcoming Dragon Age comic series during today's Mass Effect panel. Firstly, we have a timeframe - the series will be a bi-weekly run, beginning in February 2012 and running until April. We also heard from the team today that issues will be available digitally (either through Dark Horse's digital store or their iOS app) for $.99 each.

The comic series follows fan favorites Alistair, Isabella, and Varric as they travel to faraway Antiva in search of a "mysterious figure from Alistair's past". Comic Book Resrouces (CBR) has an interview with Gaider, in which he also teases the revelation of the origin of dragons in the DA setting. The series will also be written by Gaider himself, and will be based on the internal lore document Bioware has on the DA setting.

Mike Laidlaw has also revealed that, in the comic's setting, Alistair will be King, and that according to the official internal lore, this is what becomes of the woobie templar.