Mass Effect 3 multiplayer officially outed by two magazines

Both Australian gaming magazine PC PowerPlay and the Official XBox Magazine (OXM) have confirmed the incessantly teased rumors that Mass Effect 3 will include some sort of multiplayer component in their upcoming next issues. According to Mass Effect Executive Producer Casey Hudson, it's "nothing of what you've feared." What did/do we fear? That it'll just be some bland afterthought of co-op hoard/survival style missions that'll fizzle out in the first couple of months? Well, we'll find out soon enough, with magazine subscribers on track to receive their magazine copies within a few days time. Magazine covers and BioWare dev responses collected after the break.

PC PowerPlay issue #197 is scheduled to go on sale October 19th, and OXM's December 2011 issue is scheduled to go on sale October 18th. Subscribers should start receiving their issues within the next few days.

Casey Hudson had this to say about the news of multiplayer confirmation:

Casey Hudson wrote:
Yes, co-op MP missions for #ME3: they're real, and they're spectacular. Rest assured it's nothing of what you've feared. More soon...

ME3 Producer Mike Gamble was also quick to reassure people of the same:

Michael Gamble wrote:
Rest assured, any new #ME3 features will not come at the expense of delivering an amazing and massive story. #biggerteam

Community manager Chris Priestly mentioned that there are 4 co-op missions:

Chris Priestly wrote:
As mentioned by Casey on Twitter, we are confirming that there will be 4 player Co-op multiplayer missions for Mass Effect 3. We will have more details on this feature on Wednesday when the announcement was supposed to be made.

I know the immediate reaction by some is to panic and think of how this will ruin the Mass Effect series or whatever. PLEASE do not over react or assume the worst until you actually hear details on this feature and how it will work. I will try to get approval to give you details so you can make up your minds with the correct details. Marketing's plan was to announce on Wednesday, but I'll see if I can speed this up.

So, until you learn the details, I urge people to have cautious optimism or wary negativity until you get the real details. Thanks everyone. Stay tuned.

The official Mass Effect Facebook page added that there will be a special episode of BioWare TV on Wednesday, October 12 to address this Mass Effect 3 multiplayer announcement:

Mass Effect@Facebook wrote:
We can officially confirm that there will be a multiplayer feature in Mass Effect 3. However, please reserve your appraisal until we are able to give more information. Our Executive Producer Casey Hudson says it best: "Yes, co-op MP missions for ME3: they're real, and they're spectacular. Rest assured it's nothing of what you've feared. More soon..."

Tune in for a special BioWareTV episode at 10AM on Wednesday October 12th to have all your questions answered!

ME3 Senior Producer Manveer Heir reiterates:

Manveer Heir wrote:
I won't say much about MP right now other than it's a ton of fun and doesn't detract from the game in any way, which is the #1 fear I hear