Mass Effect 3 Demo Details Incoming

With 4 and a half months until the release of Mass Effect 3, the Bioware community has received word on a downloadable demo for the upcoming game today. Follow us below the break for details.

BioWare Community Manager Jessica Merizan's official FAQ about the Mass Effect 3 demo post on the Bioware Social Network gives some details on the demo program for the rpg/shooter:

The Demo will...

  • be available for access sometime in January, 2012.
  • feature both single-player and multiplayer sections of the game.
  • be available in all regions where the game will be sold.

Early Access

Note that "Early access" seems to only apply to the multiplayer portion of the demo. There will be multiple ways to get early access, though as of now, there's been only one method mentioned: buying a new copy of EA's military shooter, Battlefield 3, and redeeming the accompanying online pass on your EA/Origin account. There will be other ways to get in ahead of time, but they haven't been announced yet. This is not enough to convince us to go for Battlefield 3 - but what are your thoughts?