Mark of the Assassin Achievements Leaked [Updated] has updated its list for earnable Gamer Points in Dragon Age 2 today to include achievements found in the upcoming DLC Mark of the Assassin. We have them for you after the break.

So, you have an achievement for meeting Tallis (the Dr. Horrible reference makes me happy), two more for the sneaky-sneaky based piece, and one more for the wyvern hunt. Of course, there's nothing new here if you'd been following the news about the upcoming DLC. However, the secret achievement makes me wonder. Hawke will be joining Tallis for a party at an Orlesian noble's estate - can we possibly get Gamer Points for eating all the cheeses?

[Update] Well, the secret achievement turns out to be a 30-point one for beating the final boss in the campaign. A certainly more understandable option - though I was hoping for the cheese achievement.

  • Magma_Saiyan

    i infact know what the secret achievement is..assuming it isnt fake

    • DannyMcGeek

      Well, yes, I know what it is now. It was considered a secret achievement at the time of publication, when this list was first leaked.