Have Felicia Day Come To Your (Google+) Party for Redemption

To kick off the release of Mark of the Assassin and Dragon Age: Redemption, Felicia Day will have a little experiment dubbed "Hangout Housecalls" on Google+. You can have her join your webcam party and ask her questions this coming Tuesday, so find out how after the break.

Between 1 and 4 pm EST on Tuesday, October 11th, Felicia will make a post on her Google+ page inviting all comers to link their hangouts (a hangout being a multi-user webchat you can set up with your friends on the social network). After posting a link of your hangout in the comments section of the post, Felicia might stop by and answer some questions about the show and let you screencap the conversation for posterity.

An interesting idea, though I can certainly imagine it being an exhausting one for her by the time 4 pm comes around. Just please keep in mind this isn't ChatRoulette, ya mooks.