Dragon Age: Redemption – Ventrilo Q&A with Felicia Day

Felicia Day will be doing another social experiment for Dragon Age: Redemption fans tomorrow, Wednesday, October 26, 2011 from 7-8pm PT. This time, it will take place through Ventrilo voice communication software that many gamers should be already familiar with. There will be prizes for some who get to ask Felicia a question, so think of something to say!

For those of you that cannot make it, the session host, Typefrag, will be recording and posting the Q&A audio on their website afterwards.

From Felicia Day's Google+ post:

You gamers will be familiar with Ventrilo so you'll have no problem (Typefrag has setup like a super channel where we'll be able to have a larger party than usual). If you're new to Ventrilo, don't worry, just follow the link to the landing page for the chat and there are simple instructions there. It doesn't cost anything, and the Typefrag team have their customer support staff ready via phone and chat available to help you get connected. There's no cost to participate in this chat. If you want to learn more about Ventrilo chat ahead of time, here's a link that tells you all you need to know (it's really easy!)

If you would like to ask a question during the chat, you can type that you want to ask a question in the text chat window and one of the moderators will put you in a queue. When it's your turn you will be able to ask your question in voice chat. We'll even be giving away some cool Dragon Age stuff like T-shirts and licensed Darkspawn Greatsword letter openers from Epic Weapons. Here's to new stuff!