Dragon Age: Redemption – Ventrilo Q&A with Felicia Day (and Nistades)

Here is my full, unedited audio recording of Felicia Day's nearly 2-hour Q&A about Dragon Age: Redemption on October 26, 2011 7-9pm PT. Nistades, who composed the score for Dragon Age: Redemption, made a surprise visit later during the session and was gracious enough to answer a few questions as well.

Here is a timestamped index of all the questions, so that you can easily skip to the portion of the Q&A in which you're interested.

[00:00:40] Will there be more than one season of the Dragon Age: Redemption web series, similar to The Guild?

[00:02:18] Will [your character, Tallis] be coming back as a playable character in Dragon Age 3? And will you do your nug call?

[00:04:49] Was it easy to move a big film set throughout the mountains?

[00:06:29] [What was it like doing] such different things, like fighting and stuff, compared to other things you've done?

[00:08:10] Are there any benefits from the positive reaction over the Dragon Age: Redemption web series to The Guild? What does this mean for The Guild, in terms of sponsorship?

[00:11:04] Is there any pressure on you to change your appearance for different things? Do you have to turn down roles, or have you been asked to do specific roles due to the way you look?

[00:13:46] How does it feel to play a take-charge sort of character, in comparison to your usual roles?

[00:15:44] Would BioWare approach you and say, "Hey look, that went great. There's another IP we'd like you to do something with." Are there any particular franchises that you're a fan of?

[00:17:30] So your characters and shows are very game-centered. What games, especially mmos and rpgs, do you or have you played? Also, are you looking forward to Skyrim or what??

[00:19:47] A couple of years ago, you were planning to go to Supanova in Sydney[, Australia], and people were really upset that you had to pull out at the last moment - which was a bit sad, but I'm sure people understand. But, are there any plans in the future to come back to Australia, or at the very least, visit Australia? And, my mother wants to know if you'll play Pictionary with her...

[00:22:17] Brazil has a [comic con] in two weeks. Just saying.

[00:23:22] Do you have any plans for another music video in the future?

[00:24:08] What has been the hardest moment in your career?

[00:26:29] Are there any plans to reboot Dr. Horrible?

[00:27:44] To my knowledge, there's no precedent for a a video game [spawning] a web series. How did the idea get started?

[00:30:56] <Reminder to keep questions on the topic of Dragon Age. People who get picked to ask a question will be entered into a random giveaway for swag.>

[00:32:55] Obviously, Tallis is the kind of person who will stab you to make you answer the question... What are you favorite and least favorite Tallis character traits?

[00:35:56] What kind of role do you have in the visual designs for Dragon Age, The Guild, or whatever? Or do you mostly stick with the writing aspect and do your visualization through that?

[00:38:00] How much input did you have in Tallis' creation?

[00:40:19] Do you enjoy writing or playing Tallis more?

[00:42:22] What do you like to play in Dragon Age, and what is your [alignment] - are you friendly, or are you devious, or...?

[00:43:40] Could you elaborate on how you decided to go along with producing web content, as opposed to [pursuing] Hollywood?

[00:46:20] How tough was it for you to train to be Tallis, physically?

[00:48:10] How different was it doing all the motion capture for Mark of the Assassin, as opposed to just your normal kind of acting?

[00:50:24] <Introduction of another special guest: Nistades (Peace), who composed the score for Dragon Age: Redemption, part of which was also used in Mark of the Assassin>

[00:53:05] (To Peace:) How do you approach scoring something like [Dragon Age: Redemption]. The scope of it is so epic. Where do you begin?

[00:54:36] What's it like having a much bigger budget to work with versus what you had to start out with for The Guild, and basically doing everything completely free?

[00:57:22] (To Peace:) What level and how much classical training do composers who work in the commercial industry have?

[00:58:51] How hard was it to film the sword fight scenes in Dragon Age? Was it mostly choreographed?

[01:01:24] What was the hardest part about writing [an] original story within an already deeply established world?

[01:02:59] Was there anything unique about the ambience on the Dragon Age set?

[01:05:05] Are there any future casting plans - anything I can get into? Where would I find those things?

[01:08:13] Which came first, Dragon Age: Redemption or Mark of the Assassin? (the asker disconnected in mid speech)

[01:09:19] Sup? Have you ever wanted to become a dragon?

[01:10:13] Repeat of [01:08:13] Which came first, Dragon Age: Redemption or Mark of the Assassin?

[01:10:57] What cameras do you use on any of your sets? Is there anything specific?

[01:11:50] Can you tell us about the past between Tallis and Leliana suggested in the DLC?

[01:12:52] What is your personal opinion on the mage-templar conflict, and how did it affect your writing of the series?

[01:14:25] Do you have any plans to write comics for Tallis?

[01:15:30] <Nistades (Peace) says his farewells and departs.>

[01:17:10] Did you get to choose those daggers for your character? And did you play a rogue in your first playthrough [of Dragon Age]?

[01:18:53] Is there going to be a blooper reel for either Mark of the Assassin or Redemption?

[01:20:33] <Asker requests a Happy Birthday message.>

[01:20:58] Did you meet any of the [other] voice actors when recording for the DLC?

[01:21:45] When you write - be it for The Guild or Dragon Age or anything you're writing for - where do you get your inspiration? Also, are there any plans for you to ever come to Puerto Rico?

[01:24:27] Did you have any friends or actors in mind when you were writing Dragon Age: Redemption?

[01:25:41] <Announcement about a power outage at the TypeFrag office.>

[01:26:10] (Speaker: Andrew Kennedy) I had the pleasure of working on Dragon Age: Redemption this summer actually, on the VFX crew, Flash Filmworks, and my question kind of stems from that. From an actor's point of view, what's your take on the current state of visual effects in tv and film, and I guess, on web stuff as well?

[01:28:05] Now that you're a part of the Dragon Age universe, does it affect the way you play?

[01:29:20] How do you transition from being the writer to being the lead actor?

[01:30:13] Did you have any anxiety over trying to make a web series of a game like Dragon Age, where the player's decisions and style are so integral to the way the story is experienced?

[01:32:00] Someone really wants you to comment on dwarf culture in Dragon Age.

[01:33:43] In the three episodes [of Dragon Age: Redemption] that have been released so far, what is your favorite moment? And what's your favorite moment in the entire series?

[01:36:00] How do you come up with the names for your characters?

[01:37:55] Which game got you addicted to gaming and brought you to where you are today?

[01:39:23] Are you ever planning on coming to Kansas City, namely Planet Comic-Con?

[01:40:44] How much creative freedom did you have with Dragon Age: Redemption, and how did what EA and BioWare gave you affect plot, characters, actions, and things like that?

[01:42:42] <Wrap up, farewells>

A big thanks to Felicia for staying far longer than anyone intended to answer as many questions as possible! Unfortunately, neither my nor Danny's questions got picked to be asked during the entire 2 hours, but we weren't the only people who didn't get the opportunity to do so (although near the end, someone else actually asked the equivalent of my question anyway!). Also, thanks to Typefrag for arranging the session and making it happen!