Dragon Age: Redemption Twitter Q&A with Felicia Day

To celebrate the release of the second episode of Dragon Age: Redemption, Felicia Day answered five questions on Twitter and gave away a few copies of Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC. Never mind the free stuff, we've collected the Q&A for you after the break.

@missing_chapter asked: How long does it take to learn to do the action/fighting scenes?
@feliciaday answered: Trained for 3 months w/ @ThomWilliams and @FernyChien!

@bonk_of_37 asked: How did you decide on the length? 8 minute vs. 15 minute episodes?
@feliciaday answered: I set out for 8-10 minutes for max story arc in 6 eps.

@AndrewMich asked: The scenery is great, where is it filmed?
@feliciaday answered: We shot in Malibu & Calabasas for exteriors, LA for interiors. Jan outside=COLD!

@WriterlyIntent asked: What was the most rewarding part of your involvement with shaping DA: Redemption? Writing? Starring?
@feliciaday answered: Writing script, I love the @dragonage world!

@ShannonSchenck asked: Which came first, your character in game or for the web series?
@feliciaday answered: I created the character with @bioware input, then DLC.

Felicia indicated that she'll be doing another quick Twitter-based Q&A for everyone next week, so prep your questions for next Tuesday.