Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin Jigsaw Puzzle Scavenger Hunt Solutions

Although I didn't even enter, I decided to put together the solutions for the MotA Jigsaw Puzzle Scavenger Hunt. I saw a bit of a "mini-scandal" with submissions, since some people simply reposted the already-assembled images they found elsewhere. I'll assume that BioWare knew how to weed those out. Regardless, this goes to show how bad a medium for contest submissions Twitter can be :p Let's just say that the first 20 non-disqualified people to submit correct entries for both images won something.

And it's not quite over yet! You still have until November 1 to submit fan art or cosplay pics to the Tallis Art Contest via Twitter. And don't forget that showing up to the Dragon Age panel at NY Comic Con this Saturday in a completed Tallis costume will also net you a prize.

What are these mysterious prizes, you ask? According to @dragonage, "prizes include autographed @feliciaday photos, @Astrogaming headsets, and Bioware Store apparel! Art includes illustration, cosplay, writing, sculpture, plushies, anything your imagination can think of!"

  • Dragonage Contest Winner

    I helped bring the scandal to the open. Was told about a wiki that held screenshots that were the ones from the puzzle already assembled but since I was a legit player in the hunt and had been collecting pieces for days and continued till the last piece came out, I told bioware and dragonage and feliciaday all about the wiki, the assembled screenshots, people posting the assembled ones early. I was in it from day 1 and I played fair, I brought the problem to light, and I was one of the first of the 20 non disqualified people because I made a nice montage of the pieces and assembled screenshots and explanation of how I put it together, etc.. I am not sure WHAT I won yet, but I am glad to have won and helped keep the cheaters in check, and glad the contest reviewers were able to help weed out those cheaters from people like me who really worked hard for 8 days straight hunting down all 17 pieces.