Bioware Pulse Ep. 46 – All About The Multiplayer

Today's episode of Bioware Pulse featured an interview with Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of the Mass Effect series. In this edition, Casey waxes poetic on the freshly announced multiplayer game mode for Mass Effect 3

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There's not much to say about this interview - not much in the way of new information has been divulged. It appears my previous guess that we would see race based archetypes was mistaken - instead we see that multiplayer characters will use the same classes Shepard has at his disposable. We also hear a slightly more detailed description of the nature of these co-op missions - the idea of "controlling" points that Shepard captures during the single-player campaign indicates a defensive nature to these missions.

Casey also talks a bit about the team brought in to work on the multiplayer, and how the designers stay after work to play the multiplayer missions - a decent enough indication of how fun the mode can be.