Dragon Age: Legends Gift Manager (Chrome Extension for Google+)

BSN user Haderach recently rolled out a release candidate for his Google Chrome browser extension, DAL Gift Manager. This tool was specifically developed to streamline the process of both sending and receiving gifts to and from your Google+ Dragon Age: Legends friends circle. If you keep a hefty roster to take care of the social aspect of this browser game, this tool could potentially save you from repetitive strain injury (all that clicking) while also saving you a lot of time. Read More

[Wall Post] Raphael Sbarge answers more questions about Kaidan Alenko

Raphael Sbarge, voice actor for Mass Effect's Kaidan Alenko, returns to answer a couple of more questions about his character in relation to the upcoming Mass Effect 3. This time, he tackles questions about Kaidan's relationship to broShep and how he himself identifies with his character.

Source: fangeek.com

Raphael Sbarge answers questions about 'Once Upon a Time' and Kaidan Alenko

[Wall Post] Behind the scenes of Dragon Age: Redemption – Episode 3

Greg Aronowitz blogs about Dragon Age: Redemption set and prop construction, weaponry from the Dragon Age games brought to life, reaver Nyree, Saarebas' ritual, Josmael's maiden friend Fina, and the mask of Fen'Harel.

Source: barnyardfx.blogspot.com

Hey, welcome back to the BarnYard! An acre of land tucked away in the middle of Hollywood, where bulldogs roam free & imaginations come to life through the magic of special effects. We’ve created this blog so we can share our day-to-day creative chaos with you in a more real-time situation that our ...

[Wall Post] BioWare plans to grow community with cross-platform offerings

BioWare plots world domination, wants player feedback. On a more serious note, BioWare's business guru Richard Iwaniuk made a presentation about the company has utilized social networks and platform expansion to grow its player base and engage players to obtain more feedback.

Source: www.joystiq.com

On stage at the 2011 International Game Developers Association Leadership Forum here in LA, BioWare's Senior Director of Business Planning Development Richard Iwaniuk took the stage to chat about how the company has built up its online community into the 3.2 million-strong registered users it is tod...

[Wall Post] Raphael Sbarge checks back in after another ‘Mass Effect 3′ recording session

FanGeek.com has an audio comment from Raphael Sbarge about his latest voice recording session for Mass Effect 3's Kaidan Alenko, and he attempts to answer a fan question about whether or the latest iteration of Kaidan will retain the character's characteristic humor. Thanks to meesherbeans and femshep_com for the heads up!

Source: fangeek.com

Raphael Sbarge checks back in after another 'Mass Effect 3' recording session

A Word on Origin and Bioware Games, If You Please [Updated]

The launch of EA's military shooter, Battlefield 3 has not gone smoothly. Server issues, privacy concerns, and instances of poor customer service have led to criticisms about EA's practices; in particular, the marriage of the PC version of BF3 with EA's Origin desktop client. With two major releases coming from Bioware offices, some gamers have been murmuring about the possibility of The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 going down the path of Origin exclusivity. Let's cut through the FUD and talk about what we know. Read More

[Wall Post] Deluge of ME3 Multiplayer Hands-On Articles

IsaacShep has compiled an extensive list of preview articles about Mass Effect 3 co-op multiplayer. Also, one new screenshot (out of a set of 4 mp screenshots) has been revealed in today's ME3 media salvo.

Source: social.bioware.com

The press got their hands on the MP (during the EA Beer Festival Vegas Show) and it looks like they're all putting their impressions up today: