Welcome Back to Sunny Tuchanka

Bioware has updated the Mass Effect 3 site with intel on another location Shepard will be exploring in his upcoming adventure - the Krogan homeworld of Tuchanka. Check out below the break for info and a concept art gallery for the resort planet of choice for all Spectres.

"It's a miserable place to live, but it's a more miserable place to die," said turian general Rilix Aescorus of the krogan homeworld when he first set foot on it. Death comes in many forms on Tuchanka, from the radioactive fallout spread by the krogan's nuclear war, to the lethal heat from the reduced planetary albedo, to vicious and predatory animal life. This is to say nothing of the krogan themselves, whose internal clan wars continue to this day. Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, krogan warfare rarely spills out from the planet -- the Citadel Navy, under the auspices of the Council Demilitarization Enforcement Mission, maintains a ban on the krogan ever building warships. Every few years, another krogan warlord violates the law, but usually an alliance of rivals ends his dreams of hegemony before the Citadel Navy even has to fire a shot.

Nice little bit of lore here, detailing some of the consequences of the previous nuclear war on the Krogan homeworld and the Krogan Rebellion. No word on how the planet will enter into Shepard's fight with the Reapers, but it will likely play a big role - as we know that Shepard will need to handle tension between the Krogan and the Salarians.

Three pieces of concept art were also published on the Tuchanka page - capturing the detail of a nuclear-ravaged world.