[Wall Post] Wrath of Heroes Beta Schedule for September 15-17

More #WrathOfHeroes beta invites have gone out, and the testing schedule for this weekend is up. Starts at 4pm EDT today!

Source: What do you want to do tonight?

Prepare yourself for the next round - another WoH Beta Weekend is approaching and more invites have been sent out. Again two more heroes join the battles: Volrik the Chaos Marauder and Ikkrik the Skaven Gutter Runner. Let's give them a warm welcome - if they happen to be on your side.
Here are the test times for this weekend: Thursday 4pm - 6pm EDT (8pm - 10pm UTC) Friday 10am - 12pm EDT (2pm - 4pm UTC) Friday 7pm - 9pm EDT (Friday 11pm - Saturday 1am UTC) Saturday 1pm - 5pm EDT (5pm - 9pm...