Wrath of Heroes: Beta Testing Schedule for September 22-25

The Wrath of Heroes beta testing schedule for September 22-25 (yes, there is a Sunday session this time) has just been posted.

Source: Enter The Fray This Weekend

While the blood spilt last weekend slowly dries around the temple and arena, battle thirsty heroes are looking forward to unleashing their wrath in more sessions this weekend. And they shall have their way…
Along with UK Games Day in Birmingham comes a weekend with many opportunities, especially for our European testers, to get into the brawl. Our booth at Games Day on Sunday will be the first time we show the game in public. This is your chance to see if you are Waaagh enough to stand up...

The Sunday session of WOH will include participants who get to play at the WOH booth during the UK Games Day in Birmingham.

Thursday 09/22 4pm – 6pm EDT (8pm – 10pm UTC)
Friday 09/23 10am – 12pm EDT
7pm – 9pm EDT
(2pm – 4pm UTC)
(11pm – 1am UTC)
Saturday 09/24 1pm – 5pm EDT (5pm – 9pm UTC)
Sunday 09/25 5am – 5pm EDT (9am – 9pm UTC)