News Overload Today

Whew, there's a lot happening today, and I've bombarded the blog with posts about everything. There's still the Dragon Age 2: Q&A coming up in about 10 minutes with the ever so eloquently speed-talking, verbose Mike Laidlaw. Presumably it is for touching base with fans about the newly announced Dragon Age 2 DLC "Mark of the Assassin."

I still need to update both the Dragon Age Legends Skill Builder and the Dragon Age 2 Talent Builder with data from their latest respective game builds, and participate in transcribing the Q&A. A full plate, indeed.

Meanwhile, Danny is getting a double dose of Wrath of Heroes gaming in. It would make me jealous, but the Wrath of Heroes team is embarrassing people today by posting the names of the players with the lowest wins and kills. Ouch.